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About This Website: evperry.com

Greetings, you have reached evperry.com, the website of Everett Marion Perry and Associates, graphic designers for web and print publications, and personal historians. Today, however, we'll wear the history hats of WW-II and the USS CANOPUS and Minidoka Japanese Relocation Center, the American Civil War and its ELEVENTH REGIMENT MICHIGAN VOLUNTEER INFANTRY and lastly the Great Depression and its CCC Company 4701. These are four of our "pet history projects" in good enough shape to share, so---Happy clickin'.

WW-II: The USS CANOPUS, AS-9, and Cox'n Paul Edward Perry
This website pays tribute to my Uncle Paul Edward Perry, Coxswain, USN, his ship the USS CANOPUS and her crew who became prisoners of war of the Japanese at the fall of Bataan, Corregidor and Manila Bay during WW-II. Uncle Paul paid the supreme price after suffering unimaginable cruelty at the hands of calloused guardians. His lengthy journey from Kansas to Bataan's Mariveles Bay and the scuttling of his submarine tender, CANOPUS, took him to Corregidor, Bilibid Prison, the Hell Ship Nagato Maru, Osaka POW Camp, Yodogawa POW Camp, and Osaka's Ichioka Stadium POW "Hospital". Then...after his death, storage as ashes in Osaka's Buddhist Juganji Temple till wars end.

Marion Perry, Civil War Veteran and Kansas Pioneer/ELEVENTH MICHIGAN INFANTRY
This research also honors my Great Grandfather, Pvt. Marion Perry, who Exactly a hundred years older than the author of this website.  Born in 1840, he was Pvt. Marion Perry in the ELEVENTH MICHIGAN INFANTRY served with the ELEVENTH REGIMENT Michigan Volunteer Infantry during the greatest bloodbath in US history. The ELEVENTH MICHIGAN indeed left footprints on hallowed ground...Stone's River, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, the "Hell Hole", the Siege of Atlanta and many more engagements. After his Civil War service for Michigan, Pvt. Marion Perry, his wife Rosanna and infant daughter Alice became Butler County, Kansas pioneers, settling at Rosalia Township.

1942-1945 Minidoka Japanese Internment Camp at Hunt, Idaho
The WW-II Japanese Internment Camp at Hunt, near Jerome, Idaho has a fascinating story of its own. Nearly 10,000 Japanese from the West Coast were interned at Minidoka for most of WW-II.

1936-1937 The Great Depression and CCC Company 4701, Kingsdown, Kansas
CCC Company 4701 built a dam on Bluff Creek, 13 miles south of Kingsdown, Kansas, which is south of Dodge City. My father, Virgil Perry and my Uncle Oliver Thomas were in company 4701.

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