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If your quest for information has brought you to this website you are probably looking for graphics or history or both. Our current history projects include:

1. WW-II Cox'n Paul Edward Perry and his ship the USS CANOPUS, but also including CANOPUS' crew at Bataan, Corregidor, prisoners of war, the Hell Ships (Nagato Maru) to Japan, Osaka POW Camp, Yodogawa POW Camp, Ichioka POW Hospital and Osaka's Buddhist Juganji Temple the repository of the cremated remains of Osaka POW Camp prisoners.
2. Great Grandfather, Pvt. Marion Perry and his Eleventh Regiment Michigan Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War.
3. Minidoka Japanese-American Relocation Camp at Hunt, Idaho during WW-II.
4. CCC Company 4701 at Bluff Creek south of Kingsdown, Kansas during the Great Depression.

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